If you are experiencing thoughts of self harm/suicide or if you are experiencing an emergency call 9-1-1.


Creative Counseling Services is approved by the IRS to be a tax exempt corporation. This means that any donations made to us can be deducted as a charitable donation on your taxes.

We are going to be fundraising for the following: client scholarships for services, office updates, staff training, and therapeutic resources for clients. Also feel free to donate from our CCS-Supply-List!

2015 Fundraising Goals

We are growing and need your help! We have outgrown our current space and are adding some staff office space in our current building. While we have been able to do much of the cosmetic work ourselves (painting, cleaning, etc.) we are unable to do the flooring. In addition to this space we are planning on adding more staff to our team. This means adding desks, chairs, and computers. All of this while trying to stay true to our mission to provide services to anyone who comes in regardless of insurance.

We were not sure how the implementation of the Affordable Care Act would impact our clients, but we have learned a lot throughout the year. Specifically we have found that many people (especially young adults) are purchasing plans with lower premiums and higher deductibles/copays. These plans generally suit them well because they are young and have fewer chronic health problems.  But when it comes to mental health or substance abuse treatment, they need to satisfy these high deductibles and copays before their coverage kicks in, and even then, it covers about 40%.  This means that after insurance they are still responsible for over $50 PER session.

Because we continue to grow, it is apparent that mental health and substance abuse treatment are still pressing needs in our community. Please help us to keep providing quality services in our community.

An example of how your gift can help:
$25.00 helps with a copay for a high insurance deductible
$50.00 helps provide services not covered by insurance (couples counseling, school meeting attendance, team collaboration, etc.)
$100.00 helps pay the majority of a session for an individual without coverage

Other funds help provide ongoing training for our therapists, facility upgrades, and therapeutic resources for clients (such as workbooks, curriculums, etc.)