If you are experiencing thoughts of self harm/suicide or if you are experiencing an emergency call 9-1-1.


At Creative Counseling Services we offer several services to meet the needs of a variety of individuals and families.


In-Office Therapy

Traditional in-office counseling/therapy services for individuals, couples, and families. Common issues addressed in this setting include, but are not limited to, depression, anxiety, loss/bereavement, trauma, marital and family issues, ADHD, PTSD, adjustment issues, phase of life problems, and co-occurring mental health and substance use disorders. CCS strives to provide quality individualized services that address the issues that are important to each unique client. We will also work with your other preferred service providers to help ensure your needs are met.


Court Ordered Mental Health Evaluations

We offer mental health evaluations for fulfilling court requirements. A court ordered mental health evaluation typically consists of a minimum of two appointments and includes a diagnostic psycho-social interview, collection of collateral information, and completion of several standardized assessment tools as well as follow-up session(s) to discuss results and recommendations.


Substance Abuse Assessments and Level 1.0 Extended Outpatient Treatment

CCS is licensed by the Iowa Department of Public Health as a substance abuse treatment facility. We offer substance abuse assessments and Level 1.0 – Extended Outpatient treatment services, including court ordered assessments for OWI and other substance related legal offenses. We offer one on one, individualized, substance abuse counseling/treatment. We collaborate closely with local probation offices and other providers to help clients successfully complete their court requirements. We can also assist with referrals to other treatment providers and higher levels of treatment, including referral to inpatient treatment if necessary.


LPHA Assessments

LPHA assessments are required for Medicaid eligible individuals to access BHIS services. The LPHA assessment is done in the office in one session. Any Medicaid eligible individual who wishes to obtain BHIS services can complete their LPHA assessment here regardless of who their BHIS service provider will be and we will help facilitate a referral to your preferred provider.


Please note: Our facility is accessible by walker and wheelchair. However, we do not have a handicap accessible (ADA Compliant) restroom on the premises. The closest handicap accessible restroom is across the street at the Ames Public Library (515 Douglas Ave.). If you require a provider with a handicap accessible restroom, please contact us for a referral.